4 Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

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If you own a Samsung Galaxy and are thinking about getting the soon-to-be-released Buds 2, you need to know about all the up and downsides of them. With this in mind, we present to you our overview of the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.

Release Date and Prices

4 Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 wooden table earbud - 4 Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The con for these buds’ release date is that, with the current coronavirus pandemic, it has been postponed until things go back to normal. The pro is that this might be done as soon as fall along with an update of the Galaxy Note smartphone.


The pro for pricing is that it is reasonable, as it is said that they will be available at $150 in all the usual stores and online shops. The con is that it is still $30 more expensive than the already released Buds.


According to the 3D renders that were leaked earlier in April, the Buds 2 will have a one-piece bean shape that does not go inside your ear canal, which is a big pro. There are not many cons, as the lack of that silicone tip that most other wireless buds have makes them considerably more comfortable and healthy.


One important pro of the way Buds 2 is designed is that the leaked renders show that they will have two microphones per individual bud, as well as charging contacts. Another big pro is that they appear to have sensors that could be used to detect if the buds are in place correctly and if the way you are using them is healthy for your ear canal.

The con is that at this date it is not clear how the usability will be, as they have no visible buttons. It remains to be seen how you will go about regular actions like picking and hanging up calls, change songs, turn the volume up and down, and so on.

There are definitely a lot of pros to Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and the perspective is bright for any users wishing to give them a try. The cons are most of all based on unknowns such as the release date and how they will actually be used, but we are hoping that these issues are sorted out effectively.