4 Social Media Trends to Keep You Laughing During Quarantine

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A big portion of the world’s population has been put in quarantine to keep us all safe from COVID19, but people everywhere are getting creative with ways to fight the boredom. If you want to join in the fun, we have some of the social media trends to keep you laughing during the quarantine.

Dalgona Coffee

This is a trend that was born in Japan and it is taken after the dalgona candy that they have in South Korea. Combining this spongy textured toffee with coffee has turned into an online trend because it is such a lovely looking drink to take a picture of, for Instagram.

4 Social Media Trends to Keep You Laughing During Quarantine Dalgona Coffee - 4 Social Media Trends to Keep You Laughing During Quarantine

Jigsaw Puzzles

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle takes a lot of time and between work and other outside activities, not many people could afford to do it.

Since everything has more or less stopped, many people are investing their free time in putting together big and beautiful jigsaws and uploading pictures of the end result on their social media profiles.

TikTok Challenges

The queen trend for this quarantine period has to be the TikTok challenges that have spread like wildfire all over social media sites. People have come up with everything from family dances to pranks and surprising your significant other wearing only your birthday suit.


One of the yummiest trends that have come from this isolation period has been baking goodies and uploading pics and recipes to social media sites. You can make anything from a slow cooking meal to a delicious and elaborate dessert.

Staying at home is essential from keeping this pandemic to spread further and kill more people, but this does not mean you have to be bored or feel too cooped up.

If social distancing is starting to drive you insane, give these social media-based trends a go and enjoy being alone together in fun ways.