Web Development and Hosting – 4 Biggest Trends in 2020


In the ever-evolving industry of IT, there are new trends rising constantly and it is important to stay updated because you might be left withoutmany jobs and contracts if you don’t.

Although it can be hard to keep track, Clarksburg Caller gives you a leg up with reviews of the web development and hosting services trends you can expect to see this year.

Web Development

Web Development and Hosting 4 Biggest Trends in 2020 web development - Web Development and Hosting - 4 Biggest Trends in 2020

Bots and AI

One of the growing trends that have come to stay is the use of bots and artificial intelligence, or AI. With these tools, you can keep a company from having to invest too much in online customer support, but that is not all.

The use of AI tools also provides businesses with a function for analysing the consumers’ behaviour.

Voice Search Optimization

Since the big success achieved by assistants like Alexa and Siri, there has been a growing trend to offer the feature of voice searching.

It is projected that most smart devices will come with this option, as web developers keep optimizing the feature aiming at making it recognize different voices and be more customizable.

Hosting Services

Web Development and Hosting 4 Biggest Trends in 2020 hosting services - Web Development and Hosting - 4 Biggest Trends in 2020

Green Hosting

In light of the issues with climate change, many hosting companies have been increasing their investment funds for green energy. If you go to internet-vikings.netyou can see how this company not only offers expert services but is also committed to using green energy with renewable energy certificates.

Cloud Hosting

This innovative alternative to physical hosts comes at a lower price and heightened efficiency when it comes to the way your platform ends up performing in statistics.

Additionally, it offers the advantage of being able to pull resources from multiple virtual servers and all without all the restrictions that come with physical servers.

The IT industry is highly competitive, and you need to set yourself apart from amateurs, whether you are hiring a company like Internet Vikings, or work for them yourself.

Follow these trends that are on the rise for the year 2020 and watch your web development and web hosting services’ value increase.