April 15, 2019 at 6:00 pm

5 Celebrity birthdays on December 18


A number of famous people are celebrating a December 18 birthday. They include hip-hop star DMX, actor Ray Liotta, and singer Christina Aguilera. Below are five other who share their birthday today.


Keith Richards – Musician

Richards is known as the cool and stylish guitarist for legendary rock group The Rolling Stones. He‘s celebrating his 75th birthday on Tuesday.


Steven Spielberg – Director

Spielberg is known for directing numerous hit films over the years including the early films in the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises. Spielberg officially turned 72 years old on Tuesday.


Brad Pitt – Actor

The actor is known for appearing in movies such as “Seven,” “Meet Joe Black,” “World War Z,” and “Moneyball.” Pitt officially turned 55 years old on Tuesday, December 18.


Katie Holmes – Actress

On Tuesday, former “Dawson‘s Creek” actress Katie Holmes officially turned 40. She celebrated with her current beau, Jamie Foxx, per reports.


Stone Cold Steve Austin

The “Rattlesnake” was a multiple-time champion in the WWE. He went on to take a role as a General Manager for WWE Raw and then began his own wrestling podcast. The former professional wrestler turned 54 on Tuesday.

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