February 11, 2019 at 2:00 pm

Letter: Alaska spirit on display


As transplanted, long-term Alaskans who recently moved south for farming opportunities, we were glued to our screens yesterday following the earthquake news. National news outlets were using words like “victims,” “panic,” and “federal aid.” Politicians were pleading for “resiliency” and “helping others.” What no one is reporting on is the resilience so readily apparent just by listening to the Alaskans themselves.

On Facebook, friends were offering water and food to others. Even an extra generator was offered to any family with young children. They were sharing useful information back and forth.

But it was the strength displayed that brought both tears and a smile. Hundreds of comments laughing off the effects. Not foolishly, but with that spirit of Alaska that sets you apart from your Lower 49 brethren. Laughing at the discomfort, the broken roads and dishes, the power outages — and then to roll up your sleeves, pull out the chainsaws and shovels and get to the work at hand.

Man, we sure wanted to be there with you. We want to say how proud we are of the resiliency and generosity of our friends and family and the vast majority of Alaskans who are overcoming this disaster. Please, pardon the pun, but you rock!

Kate McDonald

Lancing, Tennessee

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