February 11, 2019 at 8:00 pm

Letter: Anchorage hazard zones


Charles Wohlforth’s Dec. 2 article on our recent earthquake was generally quite good. However, he lauded the engineers, developers and others a bit too much.

He failed to mention that much of downtown is in a high earthquake hazard zone, including many of our finest hotels and businesses: the Hilton and Captain Cook, McKinley and Denali Towers, Westmark, Ship Creek development area, much of the Port of Anchorage and numerous businesses and residences. Furthermore, the tank farm adjacent to the Port is in a very high or high earthquake hazard zone.

Several schools, including West High, part of Romig and Central Middle Schools, and North Star Elementary, are in a high hazard zone, while Inlet View Elementary is in a very high hazard zone. Most of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is in very high or high hazard zone, while the shore of Campbell Lake is a high hazard area. Midtown and the Hillside generally fall into moderate, low moderate or low hazard zones.

It always can be a help to refer to maps when talking about natural phenomena or selecting development sites or buying houses.

— Thom Eley


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