February 12, 2019 at 5:00 am

Letter: Another con


says more about Hackney’s character than it says about the ADN’s or Charles Wohlforth’s views.

He regurgitated con pieces from unnamed FOX News reports about an undated speech given by President Barack Obama at an unspecified location, from which an unspecified contributor took the words of an Obama speech out of context to create an abbreviated lie, regurgitated by Hackney for his personal gain.

Hackney’s use of an out-of-context lie implies that Obama did not support small business, which is and was a lie. Mr. Hackney is paid by moneyed interests to elect and re-elect Sen. Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young. He is not a journalist. He may not know what “ethics” means. His implications in this article appear to be either lies, ignorance or both.

Our local paper dedicated the top third of the main editorial page to this hack and often donates many lines of text to right-wing, boring, petrified writers, who are terribly afraid of scientific knowledge, progress and progressive answers to current growing problems both massive and small, in my opinion.

This is indicative of the possibility that our local paper offers hope when even a poorly written and non-referenced second-grade article like Hackney’s is given this much space. The paper must surely respect the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights by giving Hackney a day in the sun to show us his ignorance.

He is doing what he is paid for: conning voters into voting against their own children’s and the Earth’s long-term interests. Thankfully, many ADN readers see many sources of news and are not ignorant of common sense, facts, English, history, science and what is going down around us.

Stanley Brown


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