February 11, 2019 at 10:00 pm

Letter: Dunleavy trust


I would put my degree of trust in the incoming administration at zero Kelvin (absolute zero, -459.67 F). This is the same clown who sat there for years while the warnings were out that we had issues coming and pissed money away and blew through the state savings accounts like the proverbial drunken pipeline worker (and yes, I had a roommate up there just like him).

While I can respect Republicans who disagree with a progressive society vs we want the old days back, I find Mike Dunleavy is simply lying when he talks about most anything.

Lets look at the $1.5 trillion deficit the national Republican leadership inflicted on us! Then lets look at who ran the state government for the critical past 10 years (almost all Republicans – governor, House and Senate).

I didn‘t like Gov. Bill Walker. While he talked, he also did not kill those projects that needed to be killed until he made a political stunt out of it. Crime? With an opioid epidemic and the cuts to the troopers, on top of our chronic alcoholism. Treating it with locking people up works how?

I remember when they closed the one treatment center in Emmonak. Yep, we have to close those so the oil companies can make more money. And that really is the bottom line. Republican leadership (truly an oxymoron) is all about getting money to those who have it and none to those citizens who need it.

Trust? I would not trust the Republican leadership to take care of my pet rock.

Gregory Schmitz


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