February 11, 2019 at 4:00 pm

Letter: Gas line fears


I testified at the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. board meeting last week. Yes, again. And some of my worst fears were realized. They all but acknowledged that a natural gas pipeline financed, built and operated in partnership with China would be supplying natural gas to Eielson Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright – our two military bases critical to the Pacific Command!

So I posed to the board the following not unlikely scenario: It‘s 40 below in Interior Alaska, there‘s a serious military skirmish in the South China Sea or Taiwan Strait, and Chinese government hackers shut down the pipeline. No worries, apparently, as AGDC President Keith Meyer blathered reassurance about firewalls and how China will be so dependent on our gas they would never do such a thing, because it would hurt them so much more than us. Nonsense!

Such naivete would be laughable if it were not so concerning. A 72-hour shutdown would probably be disastrous enough to make us blink first and shift the military advantage to China.

Seriously, it‘s time for our new governor to pull the plug on this AGDC charade, preserve the work that has been done, and patiently pursue a more fiscally responsible project with a more reputable partner or partners.

William M. Cox


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