July 8, 2019 at 8:01 am

Volex plc (AIM:VLX) Touches a Volatility Reading of 25.492700


The Price to Cash Flow for Volex plc (AIM:VLX) is -24.657321. The price to cash flow formula is a useful formula investors can use in order to determine the true valuation of a firm. Generally speaking, a higher P/CF ratio indicates that the company is less capital demanding and the lesser price to cash flow indicates that the company is more capital demanding.

Formula: Price to Cash Flow = Current Stock Price/ Cash Flow per Share

Investors seeking value in the stock market may be eyeing the Magic Formula Rank or MF Rank for Volex plc (AIM:VLX). Presently, the company has a MF Rank of 4491. The Magic Formula was devised and made popular by Joel Greenblatt in his book “The Little Book That Beats the Market”. Greenblatt’s formula helps find stocks that are priced attractively with a high earnings yield, or strong reported profits in comparison to the market value of the company. To spot opportunities in the market, investors may be searching for stocks that have the lowest combined MF Rank.

Market watchers may also be following some quality ratios for Volex plc (AIM:VLX). Currently, the company has a Gross Margin (Marx) ratio of 0.354651. This calculation is based on the research by University of Rochester professor Robert Novy-Marx. Marx believed that a high gross income ratio was a sign of a quality company. Looking further, Volex plc (AIM:VLX) has a Gross Margin score of 20.00000. This score is based on the Gross Margin (Marx) metric using a scale from 1 to 100 where a 1 would be seen as positive, and a 100 would be viewed as negative.

The Price Index is a ratio that indicates the return of a share price over a past period. The price index of Volex plc (AIM:VLX) for last month was 0.95393. This is calculated by taking the current share price and dividing by the share price one month ago. If the ratio is greater than 1, then that means there has been an increase in price over the month. If the ratio is less than 1, then we can determine that there has been a decrease in price. Similarly, investors look up the share price over 12 month periods. The Price Index 12m for Volex plc (AIM:VLX) is 1.22942.

Price Range 52 Weeks

Some of the best financial predictions are formed by using a variety of financial tools. The Price Range 52 Weeks is one of the tools that investors use to determine the lowest and highest price at which a stock has traded in the previous 52 weeks. The Price Range of Volex plc (AIM:VLX) over the past 52 weeks is 0.893000. The 52-week range can be found in the stock’s quote summary.


Stock volatility is a percentage that indicates whether a stock is a desirable purchase. Investors look at the Volatility 12m to determine if a company has a low volatility percentage or not over the course of a year. The Volatility 12m of Volex plc (AIM:VLX) is 32.667700. This is calculated by taking weekly log normal returns and standard deviation of the share price over one year annualized. The lower the number, a company is thought to have low volatility. The Volatility 3m is a similar percentage determined by the daily log normal returns and standard deviation of the share price over 3 months. The Volatility 3m of Volex plc (AIM:VLX) is 25.492700. The Volatility 6m is the same, except measured over the course of six months. The Volatility 6m is 33.477500.