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Our Magazine - Our MagazineWelcome to the Clarksburg Caller.

Founded in 2017 by Willie S. Grigg in his spare time. He insists on being called Willie by his staff, preferring the camaraderie and casual respect relationship.

In the beginning, Willie focused on technology, which is both integral to his trade, and his passion. He wrote all of the articles, but he added some humour and had a gift for expressing the technical aspects of technology in a layman’s’ style that made it easy to follow.

Tech is with us all and yet most of us understand little of it in detail. Willie’s style grew a following among the laymen and soon he realized his magazine was going to need more staff, if for no other reason than to answer all the questions his followers were asking.

He set out to find writers with similar styles and this casual relaxed manner was used in other fields as well.

This expansion started with reviews of tech tools or gear. With success in explaining how and why things worked his audience grew, an audience already tired of reading reviews that sounded like a sales pitch in themselves. This popularity led to a growth into other kinds of reviews, usually stimulated by reader responses.

Driven by this reader response strategy over what to write about the news section came to life. Still heavily tech-oriented, explaining the how’s and whys behind some idea or product that hit the news.

Clarksburg Caller is now branching out into other fields although Willie has laughingly declared that they will never do the weather, they will do comic strips before that happens.